What Is the Relevance of Technology?

“Innovation over the long haul is superfluous”. That is the thing that a client of mine let me know when I made a presentation to him around another item. I had been discussing the item’s components and advantages and recorded “best in class innovation” or something to that impact, as one of them. That is the point at which he put forth his expression. I understood later that he was right, in any event inside the setting of how I utilized “Innovation” in my presentation. In any case, I started pondering whether he could be right in different settings also.

What is Technology?

Merriam-Webster characterizes it as:


a: the commonsense use of information particularly in a specific region: building 2 <medical technology>

b: an ability given by the down to earth use of information <a auto’s fuel-sparing technology>


: a way of fulfilling an errand particularly utilizing specialized procedures, strategies, or information


: the specific parts of a specific field of try <educational technology>

Wikipedia characterizes it as:

Innovation (from Greek τî­χνη, techne, “craftsmanship, aptitude, shrewd of hand”; and – λογî¯α, – logia[1]) is the making, alteration, utilization, and learning of devices, machines, strategies, specialties, frameworks, and techniques for association, so as to take care of an issue, enhance a prior answer for an issue, accomplish an objective, handle a connected information/yield connection or play out a particular capacity. It can likewise allude to the gathering of such devices, including hardware, alterations, game plans and methodology. Innovations essentially influence human and also other creature species’ capacity to control and adjust to their regular habitats. The term can either be connected for the most part or to particular ranges: illustrations incorporate development innovation, therapeutic innovation, and data innovation.

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