What a Samsung Repair Shop Can Do for You

Samsung is among the best manufacturing companies in the world today. They manufacture and deal with mobile devices, computers, television sets, speakers, refrigerators, cookers among other many home appliances. They have been braced for their quality products, which are durable with affordable prices.


Just like any other equipment or tools, these Samsung products are also prone to damages. Mostly, such gadgets like the mobile devices, computers and even television sets are the most vulnerable to damage if not handled with maximum care. Their various parts can fail to function normally and therefore need the attention of professional gadget doctors. As a repair company, we first access the damages done to your devices. Then we will decide whether to fix damaged parts or even replace them with newer parts.

Mobile devices 

Among all the Samsung products, mobile devices are the most vulnerable damages. A reliable mobile repair service deals with various problems on mobile devices including the ones discussed below.

Sudden death syndrome repair

There’s been quite a lot of complains from clients about the mobile devices’ sudden failure to function. They complained about their devices inability to start at all and when they start, they stop when the Samsung logo is displayed. As a repair company, it’s their sole responsibility to deal with such problems. Samsung repair services change such device’s motherboards since they are the ones affected in such cases. They advise clients against overcharging their devices. Changing of motherboard however leads to loosing of the entire client’s data from the device.

Water Damage

Rare cases are those of water damages. Clients bring their devices damaged due to water socking. With such devices they clean their motherboards with special solvents. We then test individual circuits to find out I.C or even hardware components affected. Mostly we have found out that the chips affected are on the right of a device. However, this is not an easy task for devices affected by salt water or corrosives. It is advisable to all Samsung device users to immediately dry their devices socked in water, or even remove their batteries to avoid further damages.

Reduce LAG

Most people like to install many applications on their mobile devices. However, due to space limit, a lot of applications become a problem to these devices. A lot of applications make a device lags. It is also recommended to increase their devices memory to as much as 64GB,but a 16GB or even 32GB upgrade will help. This will enable one to install as many applications as they want without slowing their phone’s processes in any way.

Charging port & Ribbon repair

Frequent using a device’s charging port without a lot of care when plugging in and out can damage it. Such damages include loosening of the charging pin as a result of rough handling and even sideways shear forces. Also some cases of the charging ribbon being corroded have been seen. It is common to deal with such cases by either replacing loosened pins or the entire charging ribbon.

Side Shiny Bezel Replacement

As a device is used, frequent wear and tear of its bezel leaves it with dents and bumps. This leaves your device with a bad picture reducing its valuation and integrity. Such cases a treated by replacing the bezel with a newer chrome bezel that will make your device look shiny new.

Camera replacement

To have the best camera is the next most important aspect of a mobile device. Some devices have both the front and back cameras. Damaged camera makes it impossible to take clear pictures. This can occur due to breakage of the camera or even fluids covering the camera’s screen. It is easy to deal with such cases by replacing such cameras. There are new and original camera parts that we use in such cases. After repair, such devices take beautiful pictures as when they were new.

Sim tray module repair 

A sim tray is used in holding a simcard, also there is a memory card tray in some devices. Forceful injection on the sim tray and using a sim adaptor can damage your sim tray. Also we replace such parts with new original trays.

Country/Sim/Carrier unlock

There are those devices purchased from other countries but on their arrival in Singapore, they fail to function. They deal with such cases. Unlocking these phones and giving them Singapore functionalities. These can help save on our clients’ money and time on purchasing new devices.

Battery repair 

A battery is the next core part in a mobile device. Overcharging a battery can eventually damage it. However, normal life of a battery is 2 years. Such battery will have low power holding capability and should be replaced with new batteries. When batteries bloat but you still use them, they will lead to damages on the motherboard.

In conclusion, there are various professionals who deal with Samsung repairservices. Different problems require different measures.

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