Elmedia Player Pro and its features that makes it an ideal choice for you

There are many a media player for Mac that you can chose to play your videos which makes it a tough choice for you to get the right one. In the recent times, the Elmedia player has become quite popular in the recent times and its Pro version is becoming even more popular as it provides you with some of the insane features and that too at a miserly. Here are some of the features available in the pro version of this video player to help you enjoy high quality videos:


Screenshots from the videos:

 With this media player, you can easily take still shots from the videos to have some good quality wallpapers without actually having to download them which have made it a favorite of many of you guys who love to have catchy and stylish wallpapers. At the same time, there are some stills that are not available as the wallpapers on the web and you can easily get them in this player.

Change the format of the videos:

This is another feature which makes it a must have for you as you can easily convert the EXE files into the SWF format which is easy to customize with this player  as you can get the playback as per your wish.  In addition to this, the videos are better visible in this format which is why most of you prefer this format.

When it comes to sending your videos on the web too, this format is considered as a better option as it delivers the data in the most efficient manner.

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