Why is it Important to Have a Better Social Media Strategy?

Taking into account its power and clout, there is no denying social media is here to stay.

That being said, it won’t be surprising for practically all businesses to consider having a social media presence a must.

However, keep in mind that having a social media account alone won’t cut it.

To achieve your objectives (and enjoy all the benefits), you need to have a really robust social media strategy in place.

A strong social media strategy will allow your business to enjoy the following peerless benefits:


It will help give your business direction.

Figuring out your social media strategy will help you identify what your business goals are.

Prior to deciding on the social media strategy to adopt, you need to determine first your weaknesses and figure out how social media can help overcome them. You also need to take into account your strengths and determine how social media can make them even better.

When setting objectives, keep the SMART criteria in mind:

Specific – ensure you are specific when identifying areas you want to work on.

Measurable – make sure there is a way for you to monitor and quantify progress.

Assignable – you need to be specific as to who will do what.

Realistic – ensure the objectives you’ve set is attainable (taking into consideration both time and budget).

Time-related – ensure you are specific as to when you expect to achieve results.

It will help you get to know your customers better.

After a few months of good social media management, you’ll know your social following like an old and trusted friend.

In other words, you’d have a good idea what it likes (and doesn’t), what captivates its interest, and what its passions are.

And thanks to detailed analytics reports, you can rest assured the insights will not be based on your gut feelings alone.

The more time you invest in the maintenance and management of a superb social media marketing campaign, the more effective it will become as months roll by.

The process is of constant refinement and evolution.

In the long run, you will reach a point where your posts will resonate with your followers because you’d know what subject to focus on, when to send it, where to post it, and how it should be presented.

It will help enhance communication and customer service.

Because of its instantaneous nature, social media is deemed one the best venues to get real time feedback about your business.

Your followers can have conversations about your business with others and they can also get in touch with you directly.

Engaging with your customers will no doubt do wonders for your brand as it will give you the perfect opportunity to establish a relationship with your customers and eventually earn their trust and loyalty.

Understandably, engaging with your customers can be time-consuming as you would need to really set aside a considerable amount of time interacting with them.

This can be especially challenging if you already have a huge following, (it can practically become a full-time job). However, once you enjoy the benefits, you’d know it is time well-spent.

It is cost effective

Compared to conventional marketing methods, social media marketing is considered very cost effective.

The rapid growth of the social media marketing industry has also made it very competitive. For businesses, that would mean access to great products at reasonable prices.

Facebook for instance gives marketers the luxury to target highly specific demographics in a number of customizable ways. Twitter on the other hand came up with a very powerful feature called “Audience Insights.”

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