Customer Communities

When it comes to the reputation management company, customer communities are extremely important since they have such a small target market established. People go online to check reviews every single day to be sure they are buying the best product or service and that is why customer communities are important for this small growing business. Word of mouth is a great way for people to spread the word about your product or service and it is free. This is the passing of information and opinions verbally, which has a powerful influence on purchasing decisions. When you register for classes for example, here you are relying on word of mouth and same thing goes for the products and services you use on a regular basis. Buzz refers to the amount of word of mouth going on in a market. Buzz includes more online opinions and comments such as blogs, articles, and other information about a specific offering. A company like the reputation management team would use buzz by creating press releases, event holdings, offering free samples or trials, writing blogs, or releasing podcasts.


Customer communities mainly form around social networks which marketers can use to both promote offerings and gather market information, companies also create influencer panels that provide insight into effective offerings and also provide word of mouth which is the cheapest way to advertise your service or product. When it comes to influencer panels, there are different characteristics used to qualify these members. An active influencer is willing to tell others, but more important, others listen and act on the influencer’s opinion, interested which has a greater intrinsic interest in the product category than the average user, heavy user which is someone who uses or consumes the offering regularly, preferably more than the average user, a loyal who sticks to one brand when it works, and finally a lead user which is someone who is willing to try new products and offer feedback.

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