Reputation Management: Opeth’s Latest Album

Opeth is a band from Sweden who hired reputation management to promote their recent album and tour. This band has been changing their sound the moment they came out with their first album twenty-six years ago. This is their twelfth studio album to date and they are excited to be releasing it. Many fans have been waiting for this album when they announced it over a year ago; however, there are fans who are dreading their new album. Many fans do not appreciate the direction Opeth took after their hit album, Ghost Reveries. With songs like Grand Conjuration and Harlequin, Opeth made new hardcore fans with those tracks alone and those fans wanted more from Opeth but with that particular sound. However, Opeth took a very different route and stayed true to progressive music inspired by bands such as Deep Purple, King Crimson, Yes and Rush. They dropped the harsh vocals for pure clean vocals and they adopted a very jazzy/bluesy style, which is displayed heavily on the drums with the complex beats versus the double bass drum heavy beats for a typical death metal song. The fans who love their new direction speak how Opeth are artists and they need to evolve in order to stay happy when it comes to creating music; if not, you become a band who’s writing music to earn a pay check and when a band as legendary as Opeth, they don’t care about earning money, they want to progress in music writing. This was one of the main reasons why they hired reputation management to help manage all the negative comments around the web.


Their main task was to respond to the haters of the music and find out why they didn’t like the new direction but Opeth does not want them to remove the negative comments or suppress it. They want reputation management to simply engage in a polite conversation with the haters to find out why they really hate it, is it because the change in sound of the band, they don’t like softer or slower songs, is it boring and so on. Reputation management were able to start conversations on blogs and review sites, even on YouTube comments section, they started to message the haters to find out the reason why they hated them and sadly, most of them don’t like slow or soft songs. Opeth was able to sigh in relief after receiving this information because they didn’t mind loosing fans because they’re changing but would feel disappointed with themselves if their new music was terrible for their new genre.

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