Tips to Design a Website when you are Not a Designer

We live in an age that is highly influenced by digital technologies. In this digital age every business needs a website, even the smaller ones. But that doesn’t mean that small businesses are supposed to spend heaps in creating a professional website design for them. With the help of correct tools and proper tips, even a business owner who doesn’t have the know-how of website designing can create great looking website for them. Although a professional web design agency in Dubai can help you in this regard but here is a quick wrap on how you can do it yourself?


It starts with good hosting

The first milestone to achieve when creating a website is to get a domain name and hosting. There are hundreds of options available to choose from as your business website’s name. you need to inquire about them from your web hosting agency, who will also register your domain name and register it subject to availability in a very nominal yearly fee.

Pro-tip: you must always select a domain name that is unique and is relevant to your industry and business.

Consider a CMS (content Management System)

Once your domain name is selected and your hosting is set, its time now to figure out how will your website look like. Content Management Systems like WordPress allow you to easily setup a website design and include, replace and delete content as per you will. The website designs for WordPress are template based that are pre-built. People who are not aware of website designing and developing techniques can make use of the CMS and get a template late website within hours at their service. You can also ask Dubai web design services to create a CMS for you if you are too busy to create one for yourself.

Keep the design clean

There is this old phrase you must have heard of; less is more. It seems to be exactly apply here. When it comes to professional website designing, it is imperative that to build your user’s focus on the message that you are trying to give them, instead of complicating them through difficult to interpret designs. Your main message should essentially be delivered to your web visitor within the first 10 seconds of the visit. It is advisable to use white spaces in your webpage and limit yourself to the use of only few kinds of fonts throughout the website. An entire rainbow of colors depicting different actions also confuses your web visitor and deviates him from the action you require him to take. Instead use colors only where its required. This will build vital emphasis of the content of the reader and induces swift action.

Easy navigation

If you want to make your website easy for users to explore, then you must make the navigation easy and prominent for them to explore. Use of sub-menus is suggested to club similar pages together without clustering all the options in one line that makes it difficult to do through.

Content matters most

In order to grow your business online, only a great looking website is not enough. To attract leads and generate profit, you need to combine a great looking website design with relevant and informative content. Content is the kind in digital media. Whether you need to attract business or just publicize it, content does all the tricks. It not only informs your prospect about the kind of services you offer but also improve your organic search results on relevant keywords on famous search engines, providing you incremental gains through better online visibility.


The pointers mentioned above are only the few that can help you in building a website design, yourself. Do remember that your business growth strongly depends on the way your website is build. In order to gain the maximum benefits from your website design, make sure to get a custom quote from a professional website design service in Dubai before starting it yourself.

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