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Are you passionate about photography? If your answer is yes then you are at the right path since here you will introduce yourself with different types of camera accessories which are must needed by every avid photographer. To know about such accessories, go at 42nd Street Photo or roll your eye balls at below-

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Memory cards – It is one of the most important accessories to be kept always while photo shoot. Nowadays, most of the digital and DSRL cameras comes with inbuilt memory which is not sufficient to store photographs of a ceremony or function. Hence, you must need an external memory card. These days, almost every camera supports memory card ranging from 4 GB to 64 GB. Some special DSLR’s also compatible with memory cards of more than 64 GB storage capacity.

Wide angle and telephoto lens – Lens is another additional but popular camera accessory. If you love to capture photos with amazing details then you must go for any high-power and focused additional lens for your camera. Wide angle camera lenses are usually used in capturing sports, nature and special functions. Wide angle and telephoto lens are comes in wide range according to camera make and model.

Waterproof cases – If you want to capture realistic photos under the water then you might need a waterproof camera cover. With the help of this cover, you can easily clicked moments under any water body. Waterproof cases are specially designed for ocean and sea explorers but nowadays such cases are commonly used by every enthusiast photographer. Easy to use, made up of high quality, long life durable, affordable are few characteristics of waterproof cases.

No matter, whether you are using Sony or Nikkon camera, you can get accessory for any type or model of camera. There are countless ways to purchase camera accessories right from traditional market to online camera stores.

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