Do You Need One Plus 3 Covers or not?

People buy phones not only for the features they have but also the looks they possess. So when you think about buying some covers for your stylish phone, you fear about losing the look of it. One Plus 3 phones too are high on performance, battery life, features and also looks. The beautiful and classy designs and metallic body attracts everybody. So you might think about keep it naked to show its beauty. But to protect the phone from scratches and impact from fall you need One Plus 3 covers. There are cases and skins of different color, texture and material to choose from.


Cases or Skins for the One Plus 3

Although the One Plus 3 phones come with 12 months warranty cover against accidental damages, yet you need covers to protect the phone from scratches and stains. The first thing that people look in the One Plus 3 covers are the kind of protection these can provide. Cases and skins are the two things you look for when you consider covers for the phone.

  • Cases

Cases are the first thing users think when they look for covers for the One Plus 3 phones. These offer the best protection to any kind of phones from any kind of impact and fall. Some of the advantages of cases are:

  • Cases are available in different color and designs. You can choose the different textures and color that can suit your interest and style. Select from plain one color back to stylish metallic, gold, or patterned designs for you phone.
  • The cases offer the protection from scratches and impacts. Some of the materials used for the cases enhances the protection and acts as shock absorber from fall.
  • The materials used for the cases increases the grip that allows you hold the phone better. As the body of the One Plus 3 is metallic, it is quite slippery. Better grip reduces the chances of slipping out of the hand.


Skins are covers that sticks to the back without making its presence felt. The phones like One Plus 3 have beautiful design and stylish body. You can get skins for that protect the phone without hampering the design of the phone. The skins are like adhesives which stick to the phone and so do not make the phone bulky. Some of them are made out of the materials that can add texture. You can find customized skins or skins of different color and designs to choose from for the phone.

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