How Can You Customize Your Hoverboard?

With the hoverboard craze taking flight, it’s easy to roll down the street and see someone using the same board as you. There’s nothing wrong with this, but what if you want to stand out? What if you want your self-balancing scooter to be easily identifiable so nobody can claim that it’s theirs? What if you want to have a unique and eye-catching hoverboard that matches your colorful and extraordinary personality?


Well, there’s no need to fret since there are several things you can do to customize your board. You can start by choosing one of these options:

Bling out with rhinestones

If you love shiny things, why not decorate your self-balancing scooter with crystal studs? Doing this is easy since you can buy a pack of self-adhesive crystals from arts and crafts stores. Before you go out shopping, though, you should first decide on the design that you want; doing this is important since it will give you a clear idea of how many studs you should purchase. Once you have a design in mind, buy your crystals as well as a tube of superglue. Put a tiny amount of superglue on each stud before you place it on your hoverboard to ensure that it won’t fall off.

Go wild with spray paint

Perhaps graffiti is more of your thing than bling-bling. If this is the case, you’ll want to use spray paint to personalize your self-balancing scooter and give it a unique character. Just head off to your favorite hardware store and buy a can or two of spray paint in your desired color/s plus a roll of electrical tape. Put the tape on the areas that you don’t want to paint, such as your hoverboard’s lights, wheels, footpads, and charging outlet. Once you’re done, go outside, set your board on several layers of newspaper, and start spray-painting. Let the board sit overnight before using it to ensure it’s completely dry.

Use various kinds of tape


Maybe you don’t want to mess around with paint or glue. What should you do? Well, there’s no need to fret since you can use tape to customize your self-balancing scooter! For instance, if you want to add texture to your device, you can use rubber foam tape. This type of tape gives your board a “chunky” look while protecting its wheel rims and sides from dents and scratches. It also acts as a shock absorber because of its thickness, allowing you to extend the life of your hoverboard.

Another type of tape you can use is reflective tape, which allows your board to reflect light and make it look like it has a bumper. Simply cut the tape into strips that fit your hoverboard’s sides and wheel rims then attach the strips on your board’s surface.

Buy hoverboard decals

Of course, the easiest way to customize your self-balancing scooter is to purchase ready-made decals! Here at Glidecraft, we offer a wide range of decals for our 6.5-inch and 8.5-inch hoverboards. We have decals in camouflage patterns, solid colors (such as hot pink and neon green), and country flag designs (including Germany, Colombia, the UK, and the United States). Just browse through our products to choose the decals that speak to your personality.

Choose one of these techniques now to customize your hoverboard and give it a unique, one-of-a-kind look!

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