Website Design for Increased Sales

There’s a lot to design than just an attractive looking website. Of course, the very first impression could be that of an eye-catching design but the functionality takes it from there. On top of it all, if your website is not discoverable on search engines, you might as well never be found.

Most of the times, we are so lost in making the design aesthetic that it hinders our ability to think of anything beyond this element of the design. The entire website design process is, in fact, made up of various other components that are equally important. These components, when incorporated, can be beneficial from transforming just a good-looking website to a beautiful profitable website.


Team Branex has collected and provided details for these components that can come in handy in future projects, take a look:

  •         Choose a good template

When simplicity and affordability is the top priority, a WordPress blog or DIY template is utilized. Remember, with the affordability comes disadvantages that are even more so hazardous.

To begin with, it could be generic. There could be a thousand (or more) people out there who must be looking for a similar solution, hence making your choice a generic choice. A custom design can save you from giving your website a common face.

  •         Make it responsive

With the rapid pace of mobile industry growth, there is no denying that leaving mobile users out can cause you to lose a huge market. Every 9/10 users are logging to your website from a mobile device. Therefore, making your website responsive could help to cater those users.

This means that your website will adapt to fit to the screen of the mobile device in use. All the text, images and videos will adjust to show only the important and relevant content. This way, users don’t have to tinker with the mobile screen to read the text or play a video.

  •         Search engine optimization is a necessity

The first thing that millennials do when they hear the name of a restaurant or a new celebrity they haven’t heard of: Google it. So if you do not have a valid presence on Google, you do not exist to them and need it be reminded that millennials take up the largest portion of the Internet using population.

So you know the importance of online presence on a search engine, next step is to make it SEO friendly and make sure Google crawls it. First things first, get a list of relevant keywords and insert them in your website content but don’t overdo or force it. Then create a sitemap so that search engine spiders can crawl and index your website. Don’t forget to build links while you are at it.

  •         Produce a great copy

A website is incomplete without a great copy. It is just like that store that is beautiful up front but doesn’t have an inventory. If you do not entice the audience with your words, or tell them exactly what you are offering, they are likely to abandon.

While many agencies will focus on design aspects only but producing a great copy is part of the design too. How can you sell something without explaining clearly what it does? This is where copy comes in. Good web design Toronto based agencies take this into account and design a website that is teamed up with a great copy.

  •         Bonus: Remember to update

Regardless of what information you put in, just remember to update. There may be facts and figures that have changed since the last time you checked, your products may have updated features that could actually help them to sell better if added, some images may not seem valid anymore as they used to. Updating this could add up a lot to your website.

Take these into account and assure that your website is designed to increase sales. Good luck!

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