Six WordPress Backup Plugins

As everything in this area of computers and information technology, WordPress needs regular backups, too. Backing up means copying or storing data in order to be used at a later time in case there is a data loss. This process helps you to rest assured that you can easily recover your data after deletion or corruption. For WordPress backup solutions there are some free or Premium plugins which you may choose, depending on your needs. Here are six of the most famous:


One of the most useful plugins in this area is VaultPress which was created by Matt Mullenweg and his team, Automattic. The service is not free, but it’s not expensive either. Prices start at $5 per month. Since the service they offer is quite reliable, the same we can say about settings. It’s not difficult to set up VaultPress and then restore the data by means of backups. Choosing a more expensive plan ensures even security scans. The paid price is in fact the only disadvantage if you choose to use VaultPress.

Another well-known premium plugin is BackupBuddy which lets you select the kind of backup which is most appropriate for your site. It may be a daily, weekly or even monthly backup. These data can be restored from Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash, or from anemail sent to your own address. In order to use the plugin, you have a limited number of sites for which you can use it,a fact which you have to mention in your plan. Moreover, you also can take part to support forums, or updates and get 1GB of cloud storage in order to organize your backups.

The third is called BackWPup and it’s all free. Using it, you can benefit from a full backup for free and store the data on the cloud (on Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace), FTP, by email or your computer. If you choose this alternative, you can also have automatic backups, all in accordance with your website’s updates. This plugin comes with a Pro version, in which case Google Drive can be used for backups and you also get priority support.

Backup WordPress comes with automatic scheduling update. Whether it’s the database or the files, you can select variable schedules to meet your needs. The free version unfortunately does not offer the possibility of storage on the cloud. There are extensions available for backups on Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP, but you have to pay for them.

Another plugin which takes your data and stores it on the cloud or to your computer is called UpdraftPlus. It also allows you to have scheduled backups and then put them to the location you want. The premium version brings extra features and addons. Some wouldn’t recommend this plugin due to its unattractive user interface. Especially for beginners it might seem a bit confusing if they need to find certain options.

One of the most famous WordPress backup plugins is WP-DB-Backup. Nevertheless, it has one disadvantage since it can only offer a backup of the database. If you also have media files, these will be backed up manually. Notwithstanding this feature, WP-DB-Backup is very accessible for users.

While you have a lot of options to choose from, it may still be difficult to decide, especially if you don’t have advanced WordPress knowledge. Anyway, save yourself a lot of trouble and make a backup of your site regularly.

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