All about remote controlled race trucks

Remote controlled truck racing is very popular in many countries. Not only teenagers are obsessed with RC race trucks, grownups are also seen taking interest in riding and racing these gadgets. Traxxas Slash 2WD is a remote controlled racing truck which is very popular for its performance and control feature. This electric motor powered race truck is ideal for racing on the track or you can also ride it in the backyard of your home. There are many sites which are providing remote controlled race trucks, planes or helicopters for the purchasing purpose. They also provide online purchasing of RC vliegtuig onderdelen for repairing and replacing purpose.


RC racing trucks are slightly heavy in weight and are powered with electric motor which makes them furiously fast. This racing truck is equipped with water proof electronic system which reduces the chances of short circuiting and blowing the electronic chip. This enables the truck ready to race in all types of conditions whether it’s a muddy road, or wet road, or snowy road. This RC truck is controlled by using a controller which is powered by a 2.4GHz radio control system. It process and generates the radio signals in the fraction of a second. The main component of the RC truck or the heart of the RC truck is its motor which gives the incredible power to the truck for jet like takeoff. Battery acts a power source which supplies the current to all the parts of the truck. Next is the transmission which is made of steel equipped with full and smooth ball bearings which reduces the friction and increases the speed of the truck. All the parts of the RC racing trucks are fully assembled and can be repaired or replaced when damaged. There is no need to buy a new truck if any part of it gets damaged.

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