Building Efficiency Through Ctrax, COI Management Software

South Florida-based company, JDi data, has made one of the most competitive Certificates of Insurance tracking software to date. CTrax Certificate Management Software is a new software that will help municipalities, third party administrators, and adjustors save money and maximize their time.

As businesses scale, it is important to remain organized and automate as many tasks as possible. If your company handles with Certificates of Insurance, CTrax has many different features that will help make your firm run smoothly and efficiently.

CTrax has a reputation for delivering returns on investment. When handling certificates, mitigating risk and management of COI will save time and allow your firm to increase productivity. CTrax was built to be simple and give its’ users the most amount of control over viewing their data. Operating costs will reduce through maximization of time.

One feature that has developed the most amount of buzz in the industry and can be considered CTraxs’ edge is its use of Optical Character Recognition or OCR. This feature will read certificates and auto fill its fields. Making sure all of the information is accurate and storing it away so that it is ready at a moments notice. If your firm already has their information digitized just upload the files like they were pictures. If not, don’t worry about having to fill in the information manually, just scan the document in and CTrax’ OCR will do the work for you, allowing your employees to spend more time on different tasks.

We all know how difficult communication can be when multiple users are working on the same project. With CTrax, multiple users group their certificates by a project. Having easy access to view service providers affiliated with a particular job will help your employees stay organized, thus mitigating risk.

CTrax is a must have for any firm that deals with Certificates of Insurance. With straightforward and easy to use yet powerful features, CTrax can help your business grow.

About JDi Data

JDi Data is in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Serving the industry for over twenty years, JDi has a suite of enterprise tools ranging from tracking billable hours to managing claims. All of the cloud-based solutions offered by JDi Data are designed to allow their users to save time and simplify their work.

For more information, please visit www.JDiData.com or call 954-938-9100.

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