SEO – Four things that Search Engine likes

Search engines say the last word related to your websites. You can note down that they will do nothing, but only view your website and portal. From there they will generate a report and visualize automatically, which is the best portal that is fulfilling their criteria and which of them are most suitable for the viewers. Along with that they will also make a note of the portals that are demanded by the traffic and the will make them sit at the top pages, for the respective keywords.

Hence there are endless things that are done at the end of search engines, although the task is simplified and assisted by the webmaster and its assistant crawler. However, the task from your end is not at all a tough one. In fact, it is so much formulated now, that you need to take least care to the things. The search engine optimization course will give you the best support related to the same. However, here are some of the basic ideas, that Search engines do search for in a portal. Note them for your accessibility.


Include a Blog

The first thing is related to the structure of the portal, which will be optimized by search engines. It must be well patterned and supported with relevant contents. This is the thing that the crawler looks for with some other things like the proper choice and use o the meta keywords. Give everything a perfect dimension in the main pages of the portal, clarified and visualized images and of course with a blog. Contents in the blog is a perfect tool to establish the business related keywords and thus help the crawler to understand what your portal is all about.

Mobile responsive design

The second thing to be taken care is related to the design of the portal. Web portals that are not mobile responsive are not cared now by the crawler. This is such a ting that you would have to do earlier, while working on PHP. However, new tools like the HTML5 or CSS3 are perfect to help you out from such cases. They will be naturally making all the contents placed on it simple, straight forward and directed towards the mobile responsiveness. Thus it will be of additional help for you.

Relevant Content

There is another key thing that crawlers do check out and that is related to the contents of your portal and how relevant the contents are within your portal itself. While that is not matched, your portal will be downgraded in terms of page ranking. So, keep this a prime area to make your understanding clear.

Social Media Coverage

The final lookout point that the portal looks for is in the way of visualization that is made through the social media. A portal that is perfectly connected with social media and that is fed through it can really make a difference for the crawler.

So, keep the basic four things that SEO look for and to get through the idea how to do the same, find the search engine optimization course in delhi at your help.

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